Beware of QNET Scams: How to Stay Safe

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In an effort to safeguard our community and uphold the integrity of our brand, QNET is committed to raising awareness about the fraudulent activities perpetrated under the guise of our name. We've observed a concerning trend of scams ranging from fake investment schemes to illegitimate job offers, all falsely associated with QNET.

These malicious actions not only tarnish our reputation but also victimize unsuspecting individuals, robbing them of their hard-earned money and trust. This page serves as an official resource

to help you identify, avoid, and report these scams, ensuring you and your loved ones remain protected against these unscrupulous practices.


QNET does not offer any investment schemes. We strongly condemn any association with individuals misrepresenting the QNET direct selling opportunity as an investment scheme. QNET offers a wide range of health, wellness, and lifestyle products to individual customers as well as distributors who choose to build an independent sales business by promoting these products to others and earn commissions on product sales.

QNET warns the public against such scams that misuse and exploit our brand name to lure individuals into such schemes. Be wary of unrealistic promises of quick wealth. Verify information directly with QNET and report any suspicious activity to the authorities. We are committed to protecting the rights of the customers and promoting a culture of transparency, integrity, and trust.

QNET’s compensation plan only rewards distributors for selling products, not for recruitment. Individuals promising quick or easy money through recruitment are engaging in unauthorised and illegal activity. Such schemes are pyramid schemes and are not sustainable in the long term.
QNET’s direct selling business opportunity is a tried and tested business model that operates within the legal framework of trade and business. QNET will never offer compensation solely for adding people to your network. Building a sales network can involve signing up as a distributor, but it plays a supporting role, and commissions are strictly tied to product sales.
We urge the public to be wary of any offers promising significant income without genuine product sales and to verify the legitimacy of such claims directly with QNET.  QNET remains committed to ethical business practices and actively combats any attempts to misrepresent our company or exploit consumers.

The QNET direct selling business is an entrepreneurial venture and requires hard work, planning, and takes time, just like any other business, to scale up.   Success in this business cannot be achieved overnight. Building a successful and sustainable direct sales business with QNET requires building a team, strategic planning, training, and commitment.